bLAck pARty

bLAck pARty

bLAck pARty, whose real name is Malik Flint, is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Little Rock, Arkansas who’s now living in Los Angeles. He’s currently supporting Sabrina Claudio on tour, and his album Hummingbird, is out now on all platforms.

What song reminds you the most of your childhood?

I'm a Slave 4 U“ by Britney Spears. I was born in ‘92 and that might have been the biggest song when I was a kid, because they played it at every sock hop, they played it on the radio on four different stations. They played it on MTV, Band, VH1, that song was inescapable.

What was the first physical record you remember buying?

The first physical record I bought was Adele’s 19. I was more of a Limewire, burning CDs kind of guy. But I think my mom was like, "You should buy CDs as a musician. It's just good karma or whatnot." So I was like, "alright, I'll buy CDs now." I bought Adele's CD. I had to be 16 or 17 years old.

What song reminds you the most of home? 

The song that reminds me of back home is probably “Love and Happiness” by Al Green. Al Green's from Arkansas, where I’m from, but also just that sound just feels like Arkansas for sure. His whole album, his whole discography honestly just reminds me of Arkansas, but also LA as well, where I’m based now. It just has, I don't know, a certain tone, a certain vibe to it.

What song reminds you of traveling to a specific place? 

It's this song by Stevie Wonder called “Heaven is 10 Zillion Light Years Away.” Back in the day, I used to move around a lot and I just remember when we'd take family road trips and stuff, my parents both have crazy CD and tape collections. But my dad had this one tape that just had all the rare cuts from Stevie Wonder and that song I just specifically remember. It's just forever etched in my memory, just that moment of hearing that song for the first time, driving this little minivan across the country.

What is the song that you wish you had written?

“Something in the Water” by Prince. That was a fire record and it's really unique because I've never heard anybody make a record like that. And yeah, I feel like if I could have written that song, I would be self-satisfied.

What is the best song to play at a house party? 

“Last Last” by Burna Boy. That's the song of this summer in the same way that “Essence” was song of the summer for two summers. And you've gotta play a record that women are going to want to dance to.

What song would you like played at your funeral?

“I Did It My Way” by Frank Sinatra. I need that song playing on the loudspeakers, all across the city. That just sums up me. I’m gonna write it in my will. 

Describe one of your favorite songs without actually naming it or the artist who made it.

Okay, well, it starts off with guitars and singers easing into the song. It has singing in Portuguese, and then the song just rolls to this psychedelic rock anthem. Drums rolling, then from that point on, the song just gets crazier and crazier. 

You're abducted by aliens and when you wake up on the spaceship, they pass you the aux. What is the song that you're playing to convince them not to destroy Earth?

I'm playing “Sorry ‘Bout That” by Yeat. Because Yeat is the best white rapper right now. So if aliens decided, based on America's quality of white rappers, whether they were going to destroy earth or not, I would have to be like, "Hey, well, we have Yeat, have you guys heard Yeat yet?" Also, Yeat makes alien-sounding music.