Bbymutha is incredibly down to earth for an artist whose music is otherworldly, ever-evolving and experimental. Phoning in from her home in Atlanta, GA, accompanied by partner and recording artist Fly Anakin, she’s knitting—her favorite pastime, aside from playing the Sims—something pink and fluffy as we chat, her album sleep paralysis a week away from release. Born Brittnee Moore in Chattanooga, TN, the rapper has risen to the status of underground legend since breaking out on SoundCloud in 2017, brewing a unique concoction of gritty Gucci Mane-inspired flows and cadences over beats that are witchy and pensive. Below, she shares the musical diet that’s shaped her into one of the most consistent and innovative artists from the South.

What song reminds you most of your childhood? 

“Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny's Child. When I was little I used to go to summer camp at the girls club, and like we used to have, like, dance competitions. We would have to make up our little dance routines to certain songs, and me and my cousins just really loved Destiny’s Child so much… like, we used to pretend that we were different bitches in Destiny’s Child. And “Bills, Bills, Bills” was the first song we did a dance routine to, and won the competition. 

Cassette - destinyschild

What was the first physical record you remember buying?

The first thing that I bought for myself was the single cassette for Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy is Mine.” I had like a whole phase in my life where I used to watch these Disney character videos where the characters would sing mainstream songs. One I remember was a Minnie Mouse version of “What a Man” by Salt-N-Pepa. Yeah. So those were like my first actual physical media, but as far as the first cassette I purchased for myself, it was “The Boy is Mine.”

What song is the best representation of your hometown?

Okay, so when I was coming up, there was a song that was really popular called “Wile Out” by Lil Rel. It was like some gang shit. He was a local artist, but that was like the big city anthem. “Wiiile out!” [laughs] Yeah.

What songs remind you of traveling to a specific place?

It would have to be “56 Nights” by Future. When I hear that song, I just know everything’s gonna be okay, no matter where I’m going or how far I’m traveling. Because when I first started experimenting with psychedelics, for some reason that song would always be playing when I was getting ready to come down and go home and leave my friends. That song is very comforting to me, especially with travel. It's comforting, peaceful. If I was riding around the city on the weekends, that song was playing. For some reason, it reminds me of traveling to London especially. 

What song do you wish you had written?

Oooooh. I’m gonna say “Worth It” by Young Thug. It’s just a great love song from a man’s perspective. I hate an overly corny love song about the moon and the stars and shit, but Young Thug knows how to do it. 

What’s the best song to play at a house party?

Thanks to TikTok, TikTok brought “Dumptruck” back around by Kinfolk Thugs. We’re running that one up at a house party. That’s a song that I listen to all the time anyway, ’cuz I was alive when it came out, but TikTok has made it big again. 

CD - Dump Truck

What song would you want played at your wedding?

Bbymutha: We might have to bring out the Sexyy Red for that one. Sexyy Red is like a time capsule artist. She reminds me of a time that we’ll never have again. We can do our wedding dance to “Rich Baby Daddy.” 

Fly Anakin: [shakes head]

Bbymutha: What? It’s cute! I guess she does say “Shake that ass for Drake” in that one. That would be horrible… What if it said shake that ass for Frank?

Fly Anakin: [harmonizing] “I'll always come back to youuu…”

Bbymutha: That’s actually a good one. “Voyage to Atlantis” by the Isley Brothers. We’ll go with that one.

You’re abducted by aliens, and when you wake up on the spaceship, they pass you the aux. What is the song you’re playing to convince them not to destroy Earth?

I’ll have to get real intellectual for them. But what if they’re not like that, and they’re lookin’ for the hoes. I guess… I would play “Pokkan Color” by Kikuo. He has a series of tapes where he uses Miku’s voice. I like Miku’s little robotic-ass voice. I think it would make the aliens feel comfortable, like I’m on their level and we see eye to eye type shit.