The New York City rap crew sat down with BRICK for our latest Record & Tape Exchange - featuring DMX, Aphex Twin, Nelly, D. Savage and Rick Astley. Yeah, Rick Astley.⁠
“‘Where I Came From’ by Future would be a great song to play at my funeral. I think just because it’ll evoke some emotions for those who weren't already crying. Oh, and ‘You And I’ by Stevie Wonder.” ⁠
Prince, Sinatra, Britney and Burna Boy are in the mix this week as bLAck pARty shares his Record & Tape Exchange selections.
Zelooperz is a rapper, visual artist, and member of Detroit-based rap group Bruiser BrigadeHis last studio album, Van Gogh’s Left Ear, was critically acclaimed and showcased his creative chaos. “I would just say expect the unexpected,” the Danny Brown protégé says of what’s next for him. “That's all I would say.”
The brains behind cult clothing label Saint Luis shares the songs that have soundtracked his life.