East meets West in Blxst's selections, as he shares formative memories of A Tribe Called Quest and 50 Cent, and picks a fellow L.A. native to get the party started. ⁠
In the early 2010s, Seattle rapper Key Nyata made his mark as a  member of the internet collective RVIDXR KLVN and THRAXXHOUSE as a high school student. Recently returning from a several-year hiatus, he recently dropped the single “Feelsumn” and has a project featuring Danny G and producer JakeSand slated for this Summer. 
Producer and rapper KeithCharles, widely known as a former affiliate of Atlanta’s do-it-together label Awful Records, has cemented his spot as one of his generation’s most interesting multidisciplinary artists. His next EP, KEEF, is due this Spring.
London singer-songwriter Yazmin Lacey's selections include Erykah Badu, Jodeci, and Janet Kay.
The Chicago producer pushing Plugg forward picks his playlist, featuring Sade, Chief Keef and Kendrick.
For this week’s Record & Tape Exchange, the Jamaica, Queens native pieces together his personal playlist, featuring 50 Cent, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, and a Will Smith track that was a big joint for the Nickelodeon kids.
The New York City rap crew sat down with BRICK for our latest Record & Tape Exchange - featuring DMX, Aphex Twin, Nelly, D. Savage and Rick Astley. Yeah, Rick Astley.⁠
“‘Where I Came From’ by Future would be a great song to play at my funeral. I think just because it’ll evoke some emotions for those who weren't already crying. Oh, and ‘You And I’ by Stevie Wonder.” ⁠