Record & Tape Exchange is a recurring series where artists walk us through their music libraries on a physical and memory-based level. These are the songs and projects that hold special meaning, transport us to moments in their lives, and beyond. 

Surf Gang is a multi faceted music outfit of producers, rappers, designers, and creatives based out of New York City. We sat down with Evilgiane, Harrison, and Eera to share some music memories for this edition of Record & Tape Exchange. Surf Gang’s forthcoming album, At Least We Tried, is set to release at the end of October.


What song reminds you the most of your childhood?

G: “Karma Police” by Radiohead. I remember hearing that shit for the first time and seeing the music video and thinking “whoa, that’s cool.” My mom was into all that older rock shit so that was always on in the house.

E: “Summer” by Sum 41 was probably one of the first songs I heard that I knew that this was the next shit I was going to jam to.

H: Some Joy Division song or some shit, The Cure maybe, Morrissey. I was on that type of wave as a kid.


What was the first physical record you remember buying?

G: Kid A by Radiohead, I found that shit on the sidewalk and I remember it had a weird ass cover and I picked it up and brought it home. I still remember playing that shit off my playstation the first time.

E: It was that same Sum 41 CD with “Summer” on it. My dad got it for me, I was probably like 4 or 5 years old, and I played it all the time.

H: What’s that one Green Day CD with the blimp on it? Dookie? Yeah, that one. 

Sum 41

What song reminds you the most of home? 

G: “A Milli” by Lil Wayne. I still remember all the lyrics to that shit, start to finish

E: “Tendencies” by D Savage. I was friends with Jack and all the Sake boys, so that song always reminds me of growing up in LA.

H: Hmm, not a lot of shit in Minnesota. I mean, we got like Atmosphere and shit. But it’s probably something by John Maus - but I think he stormed the Capitol or some crazy shit, so I don’t know if I can jack that anymore.


What song reminds you of traveling to a specific place? 

G: “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly, reminds me of going to LA. It’s just a very LA type song to me.

H: If I’m going to LA, definitely anything by D Savage

E: Anything off of Super Saiyan by Sicko Mobb reminds me of visiting Western Europe. “Kool Aid” by Sicko Mobb is the most European shit ever


What is the song that you wish you had written?

G: “Heard ‘Em Say” by Kanye.

H: Any of the early Ilovemakonnen songs, specifically “Molly.”

E: Any Harto [Falion, of Surf Gang] song. He’s a genius - I wish I could express my thoughts like him.


What is the best song to play at a house party? 

G: “Morty” by Certified Trapper


What song would you like played at your funeral?

G: “Ruff Ryders Anthem.”

H: What the hell is the Rick Roll song? The Rick Astley song? Yeah, fuck it, play the Rick Roll song at my funeral.

G: Haha!


Describe one of your favorite songs without actually naming it or the artist who made it.

G: Really loud, off tune piano, and clap clap clap clap. That’s all I got! 


You're abducted by aliens and when you wake up on the spaceship, they pass you the aux. What is the song that you're playing to convince them not to destroy Earth?

G: “Wat It Feel Lykë” by Yeat. That shit probably sounds familiar to them.

H: Blue Da Ba Bee Ba Ba, haha! 

E: Probably some ambient shit, like Aphex Twin. Yeah, I’d play “Rhubarb.”


Interview by Greg Gaffney
Portrait by Leander Capuozzo
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