From grime’s early beginnings in the bedrooms and pirate radio stations of East London, Risky Roadz, armed with a Sony Handycam, documented the scene’s history in real-time.
New York City producers Tony Seltzer and A Lau have been friends for 10 years, and estimate the number of songs they’ve made together at close to 1,000. 
The strangeness of the lyrics wasn’t just his own; it was that of the world that he made us sense anew. He exposed the disfiguring, shoddy inadequacy of received language by flowing in tandem with things as they are.
Space and Sound on Britain’s First Council Estate
I spoke to John over the phone on a snowy February evening. I’d been thinking about recording artists and their experiences over this last year, wondering whether working in a studio had come to feel particularly claustrophobic. But then, Jah Wobble is a man well at home in a recording studio.”
Rap on Trial is about the criminal prosecution of rap music in America. Authors Andrea Dennis and Erik Nielson have identified around five hundred cases in which rap lyrics have led to arrest, trial and often incarceration.